Featured Tutorial of the Week 053

I hope you are having a nice yuletide log season!

This week we look at rotoscoping, which is a way of tracing over video to create animation.

If you use Flash CC 2014 onwards, I would recommend using h.264 video, rather than FLV, as this format also imports sound (ideal for lip sync) and plays much better inside Flash.

Featured Tutorial of the Week 052

Happy almost festive time!
Last week we looked at importing video. This week, we look at importing video with an alpha channel, for compositing into Flash projects. For example, if you want someone to provide sign language as an overlay.

Featured Tutorial of the Week 049

This week we look at how to use the text tool in Flash. Classic and TLF text are covered in this lesson, as well as text filters.

TLF text has been retired as of Flash CC 2013. From 2013 onwards, only Classic Text is available.